Τρίτη 20 Μαρτίου 2018

Cisco UMBRELLA (OpenDNS) Vulnerability

Important session cookie vulnerability discovered by ViR4X. Read more details in the official report:

Τετάρτη 20 Ιανουαρίου 2016

#box - IoT platform from the future!

Life changing experience...

The Internet is dramatically expanding and with it, our everyday devices, appliances and... things in general.

#box is the new IoT platform that interconnects all these things together and enables smart house, car, hospital, you name it... automation bases on user predefined scenarios!

See pictures below and visit http://hashbox.net/ to get informed as we update  the site.

Δευτέρα 23 Μαρτίου 2015

GreyOS - Free and Open Source O/S

GreyOS is a Meta-OS that runs on top of a Web browser.

The project wants to achieve a high response interface that is entirely online. This way you need no more installations, you have no security issues, antivirus, defrag, updates, etc.

Developers may download the source code of GreyOS (Alpha version) from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/greyos/

You may also see the DEMO on: http://greyos.gr/

Πέμπτη 12 Μαρτίου 2015

World's first autonomous WiFi Headset!

A good friend of mine, Dimitris Martinos and I had a cool idea...

We thought, how about you could listen to your favorite music from let's say Spotify but use only a paid or headphones that are wireless and autonomous. That would mean you won't even need your smartphone, tablet or computer anymore to use them. Just wear them and you are on the go...

Imagine how beautiful and easy your life would be if for instance you had to go for a walk or jogging or even hear some music and relax. Just like that. No apps, no list selection, nothing!

This is how "WiFi Music Flow" or "MF-1" headset came to life :-)
A WiFi-based headset that streams music directly into your ears. The headset also has one touch screen that enables you to play, pause, play next / previous song and finally inccrease or decrease the volume.

We are proud to present you our work in progress and hope to have this ready ASAP!

Πέμπτη 8 Ιανουαρίου 2015

3D WiFi - FREE WiFi in a bubble!

3D WiFi Fencing” is a sustainable game changing technology that provides Open Free WiFi & added-value services for hotels, cafe bars, restaurants, malls, airports, etc. in a dynamic 3D space radius.

How 3D WiFi Fencing works?

  1. A “3D WiFi Box” is installed in place. (e.g. ceiling)
  2. Plug-in the AC Cord and an Ethernet cable from your router.
  3. Users choose the “3DWiFiCube” network -while in range- from any smart device and get connected.

Why 3D WiFi?
We believe that WiFi-based services around the globe are resource intensive, somehow limited and offer low grade of satisfaction. 3D WiFi Fencing is the technology that facilitates a way for providers to control these resources, eliminate loss, enhance quality, overcome barriers and incorporate efficient applications that enable higher user satisfaction.

Applications of 3D WiFi Fencing?

  • 3D ranged WiFi services (IPS & OPS)
  • Floor management
  • Customer personalization
  • In-shop real-time promo & advertising
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Building & homeland security
  • IoT channeling

3D WiFi Box Advantages?

  • Instant access with no password
  • Super fast Internet
  • Battery economy (up to 4 hours)
  • Firewalling & dynamic traffic shaping
  • Added-value services
  • Anonymous statistics

3D WiFi Fencing is a green and efficient technology by design. It provides:

  • Instant network scan & connection
  • No encryption overhead (WPA/2-PSK)
  • Boosted signal power (less mW/data)
If used by 50% of the available mobile devices, it would save about 4TW/day!

More info here.

Support this innovation by clicking at Fund 3D WiFi Bubbles

Τετάρτη 10 Σεπτεμβρίου 2014

FAKE FB - Fake profile examiner

FAKE FB is a simple Chrome extension that enables you to check with one click if any Facebook profile is fake!

FAKE FB uses advanced micro-A.I mechanisms and several metrics to achieve that. It almost feels like "Magic" and it works!

Currently FAKE FB is in Beta, but it has a success rate of at least 95%.

Download FAKE FB

Κυριακή 1 Ιουνίου 2014

ALPHA Script - A Unified & Abstract way to program and deploy once for any cloud!

"It's a matter of perspective!"

ALPHA Script is an Abstract & Unified Programming Meta-Language that interconnects diverse infrastructures under one model. The specifications are Free and Open Source for everyone to contribute.

Practically, ALPHA Script interconnects any Cloud, O/S and programming language by providing an interface in the form of a language agnostic code. This code is not compiled or run on any system. Instead it is used as an intermediate language and enables code parsers on any system to read it and convert it to a native code or to another script. As an example we can have ALPHA Script to C/C++, JAVA, PHP, JS, Python, etc.

ALPHA Script is all about being fast and reliable. So, the programs of ALPHA Script are converted into JSON models that can be easily compressed, sent, decompressed very quickly and then parsed by any JSON parser.

ALPHA Script is a strong tool for developers. It offers a formalized and easy way to harness the dynamics of the Cloud and the Web but it is also useful for older systems. Due to its nature, ALPHA Script prolongs the life of old or deprecated software. It does that by enabling developers to transparently convert an old application and deploy it on new, otherwise unsupported, systems without actually changing any line of code.

So, ALPHA Script provides a full duplex conversion that helps new and old software to converge and work side by side.

Τρίτη 20 Μαΐου 2014

PANDOO - The world's first Personal Computer, on the Cloud!

PANDOO is revolutionizing the way people everywhere experience their computers and the cloud!

PANDOO is a FREE cloud-based operating system that empowers you to do everything you need, in a single browser window, from any Internet-connected device, anywhere.

How PANDOO Works

Why PANDOO is the Future of Computing:
  • NO downloads
  • NO long load times
  • NO tabs or confusing navigation
  • NO expensive software or licensing fees
  • UNLIMITED cloud storage
  • UNLIMITED computing power

Code once, deploy everywhere! Write quality code with less effort on PANDOO’s secure and powerful development infrastructure, and help create a new Internet experience.

Presentation Video of PANDOO

Development Status
The PANDOO team has spent years on the underlying technology that makes PANDOO possible, and have created an early DEMO (Alpha version) where more than 600 registered users are already getting a sense of what’s possible with PANDOO. The demo is only the beginning, and we have many plans for future development and improvement...

PANDOO goes Indiegogo
PANDOO has launched an Indiegogo campaign on the 20th of May. Your contribution is vital to PANDOO's success. We call you all to join and be part of this global innovation!

Contribute Now!

Δευτέρα 17 Μαρτίου 2014

HashCoin :: Real-time payments and more...

HashCoin is the world's first digital commodities technology platform with real-time payment confirmations, decentralised digital rights management and deeds of ownership across multiple media applications.

Conceived and architected by Dr. Roy Murphy and now partnered with me, we are excited to deliver HashCoin as a FREE and Open Source solution to the world.

So, come on... What are you waiting for?
Get in the list and stay tuned. Amazing things will happen!

Σάββατο 11 Μαΐου 2013

PANDOO - The Web at your fingertips, only for you whenever and wherever you need it!

P   A   N   D   O   O
...is  all  about  you.

PANDOO is a big challenge envisioned by a team of innovators who want to create the ultimate online platform that will be able to satisfy all Internet users needs at the same time but also personalized for every single one of them!

In a few words, PANDOO, currently on development, will be a place and space on the web where different user needs will be satisfied in person as if the Internet and its services where developed specifically for each user. For instance, wouldn't it be great if search results on your favorite singer could get back with only highly relevant and important information rather than millions of irrelevant and annoying data...

PANDOO will provide you with all these apps, games, services, tools, social networks, files, etc. that you want or already use. You will get to have what you need, whenever and however you like it and organize it as you want. In addition, your desktop will get into a new dimension. Your personalized space will satisfy only your own needs. Your layout, your colors, your labels, your style...

Truly, Y O U R S. Everything in one place but with you personal "touch"!

...and as far as it concerns security. Well, security in PANDOO is by design the Νο 1 priority. Your personal data will not ever be accessed or asked as long as you don't grant specific access for your needs...

Finally, we left the best thing for the end. PANDOO operates beyond any device and has absolutely no requirements in latest software and hardware. Just get online, access PANDOO with your password and you have the Internet organized exactly as you asked for it on any device.

How simple life is with PANDOO...

For more information please go to: http://pandoo.cc/ and subscribe to get to know more on the progress of the platform that will revolutionize the web as we know it today.

PANDOO -  http://pandoo.cc/
...because you are all special and we know it!